Flora BL-50
(For printing on Rubber Stamp.)

SKYTONE Flora BL-50 is UV curable resins of 45/50 durometers (Shore A). Resin is specifically design for making Hand Stamp (Polymer Rubber Stamp). Under Controlled UV Light radiations, Liquid polymers convert into flexible and dimentionally stable plates. The compatibility of the plates is excellent with water and oil based ink.

  • Excellent Print Quality
  • Low Tack Resin
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Wide Exposure Latitude
  • Long Self Life, No or Very Neglibale Deterioration on Long Storage
  • Excellent Compatibility with Water and Oil Inks
Physical Properties
Durometer 45/50
Moisture resistance Good
Abrasion resistance Excellent
Oxidation resistance Excellent
Ozone resistance Excellent
Specific gravity 1.025
PROPERTY Flora BL - 50
Hardness (Shore A) 50
Viscocity (CPS) 30,000
Thickness Range 2-5
Ink Compatibility Water & Gylcol  Based
Hardened Plate  
Tensile Strenth 1.6
Elongation 70~80
Application RUBBER STAMP
• For Making Hand Stamp(Rubber Stamp).
• For Making Printing Plates for Labels, Envelope Etc.


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